Counterfeit Money

How to get Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit money is a real problem for underground businesses and individuals all over the world in the darkworld. It is estimated that over $200 million worth of counterfeit money is in circulation in the United States alone. You can be among the distributors  making tons of cash and fighting back the system that imprisoned you.

One of the most common ways to spot counterfeit money is by looking at the paper it’s printed on. We provide you top notch best quality grade currency which uses a unique blend of cotton and linen fibers, which gives it a distinct feel. Lesser qualities, on the other hand, may feel slick or waxy to the touch or may even be made of common printer paper. To be on safe side only buy counterfeit money from THE ID KING. You can feel a slight texture with our bills just like the government bills, while lesser fake bills can feel smooth.

While holding it up to the light. Our bills have watermarks of the face on the bill, a security thread, and a color-shift stripe. These security features make it similar like the official bills. The watermark should be visible when you hold the bill up to a light source.

The security thread is a thin strip embedded in the paper in a unique location on each denomination. When the bill is held up to the light, the strip should be visible and shift colors from red to blue. The color-shift stripe is a thin vertical band running from the top to the bottom of the bill, and it should change from green to copper to black when being tilted.

Our bills have tiny print on the dollar sign border that is clear and sharp, but lesser counterfeit bills have blurry and unclear fine print.

Our bills have an intricate pattern of small, unbroken lines that are sharp and colorfully printed, whereas lesser qualities will often have broken and faded lines.

Quality security features our counterfeit money passes

· Looking at the texture of the paper
· Holding the bill up to the light to check for watermarks, security threads, and the color-shift stripe
· Looking for fine print that is clear and crisp
· Checking the alignment and clearness of the images
· Observing the colors of the bill and the sharpness of the lines

By following these simple steps, you won’t get in any hassles with us.

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