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Carolina ID

Introduction: There is one thing that might redeem South Carolina in your eyes and that’s the drinking scene. It can be small at times, but it’s strong and tightknit to offer you a chance at partying. And we have got the perfect fake ID to make sure you don’t have to even think about being under 21. Buy real fake scannableBuy Fake south carolina id South Carolina ID cards/driver license. south carolina id

There’s not a lot that South Carolina is known for. Its only real legacy lies behind being the largest exporter of peaches or having the smallest police station. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be amiss to think this state is as plain as they come.

About: South Carolina is not the best when it comes to drinking. This state ranks pretty far down the list of drinking states in the US. You can expect around 16.6% of the adult population of South Carolina to drink excessively. Buy Fake south carolina id

This kind of number puts it safely below the national average. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to find that not everyone here is downing a bottle of beer every second. Buy South Carolina ID

South Carolina’s Drinking Culture: The drinking culture here is pretty conservative, all things considered. There’s not a lot you can expect from it on most days except for the fact that you can always find a good beer or two.

As far as drinks go in South Carolina, a lot of it has to do with the weather. The hot summers of the state make it ideal for cool and refreshing drinks. You can expect everything from spiked teas to a cold beer or even moonshine in some cases. south carolina id


Getting into a bar in South Carolina is easy. It’s the fact that you need to prove that you belong there that’s harder. So, here are some places where you might get by with a fake: Buy South Carolina ID

  1. The Icehouse: It is a Summerville joint that ranks high on everyone’s list. It has a great selection of drinks as well as fried steak and shrimp at great prices. Passing fake IDs is easy here too.
  2. Pool Bar Jim’s: A unique place in Hilton Head right by Forest Beach Drive. You can sit here and enjoy your drinks poolside. It’s relaxed enough for ID checks to be basic enough to get away with.


Some bars in South Carolina will absolutely grill you for not having an ID on you.

  1. The Bowery: happens to be one of those places. It’s a popular location on Myrtle Beach and has years of history on it. IDs are a must-have here.
  2. The Griffin: It’s a Charleston pub that does all kinds of drinks and bar snacks. Just remember to bring your ID if you want to get in.

Drinking Laws in South Carolina: Drinking under 21 is illegal in South Carolina except at home under parental guidance. Using fake IDs is highly illegal and can result in suspension of license and legal trouble.


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