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No place is well-suited for the “party all night” capital than Hawaii. Buying our fake ID entitles you to the travel destination whose name first settles on your lips. The Paradise of the Pacific has a lot to offer you if you are looking to have a drink or two. Hawaii driver license


When thinking about potential partying locations, the local atmosphere and culture of the place you are in always plays a big part. Hawaii encapsulates everything about living life to its fullest.  Buy Hawaii driver license

That’s why it is only natural that you would want to drink when you are here. This is what makes Hawaii one of the drunkest states in America. Roughly 20.5% of the adult population reports as being excessive drinkers.

And how could they not? When you are vacationing next to picturesque beaches with swaying trees and the calm sounds of waves breaking on the shore, you need to have a drink or two to accompany you. This is why it is so unsurprising that this state ends up in the list of top 10 drunkest states in the country. Hawaii driver license

Hawaii’s Drinking Culture:

Any place is defined by its environment, so when you imagine a vacationing ground that embodies paradise, it is only natural for the drinking culture to reflect that. Drinking here is both a luxury and a necessity. Or rather, it’s a luxury that is a necessity.

This is why you are going to find drinks that are catered to this idea of luxury. Everything from high-end wines to tropical cocktails can be found here. If you want to know the state drink, it’s a close tie between a Mai Tai and any seasonal margarita.


Hawaii is all about enjoying yourself without having to worry about anything. The last thing you want to have on your mind is whether you are going to be carded. That’s why it is a good idea to know the places where your fake ID will pass.

  1. Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill is a decent enough place to try in Honolulu. It is a great place with great seafood and drinks. However, what’s truly great about this place is how well your counterfeit ID can work. To Uncle Bo, it doesn’t matter where you got your ID from.
  2. The Barefoot Bar at Honolulu is another place worth going. It is a great spot to hang around while you listen to live music and sip a drink. ID checks happen here, but they’re not a requirement, so you’re fine either way. Just make sure you’re not actually barefoot when you go in. Hawaii driver license

You might expect every bar in Hawaii to be lax with its ID checking policies, but this isn’t the case. There are some big joints out here that will make you say aloha twice if you don’t come prepared with an ID.

  1. Duke’s Waikiki at Waikiki Beach is a prime example of this. It is a well-known beachside joint that’s been name after a local surfing legend. The drinks here are tropical and soothing with a ton of variety, but don’t expect to just waltz in without an ID.
  2. Arnold’s Beach Bar is another Waikiki exclusive with a touch of class. It’s one of the last tiki bars to be found in Hawaii, which makes it particularly special. This place has it all, from drinks and snacks to games, music, dancing and much more. It’s all open to you so long as you have an ID to validate your existence.
Drinking Laws in Hawaii:

Since Hawaii has such a history of excessive drinking, you can expect the drinking laws to be excessive as well to counteract it. Hawaii’s basic drinking laws remain the same as any other place. This means that you cannot buy or drink alcohol under the age of 21 unless you are drinking on private property with a parent or guardian.

However, Hawaii goes one step further by imposing harsh penalties if you are found drinking when you shouldn’t. You can be subjected to having your license rejected or suspended. Using counterfeit IDs can land you with some serious jailtime. On top of that, you’re not allowed to drink on the beaches regardless of your age. Buy Hawaii driver license

If you want to enjoy the penultimate experience of getting boozed up on an island paradise, you need to get ahold of our fake IDs ASAP. Hawaii driver license


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